Hanger 9

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Hangar 9 Beast 100cc ARF


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What do you get when one of RC’s greatest 3D pilots collaborates with one of full-scale aviation’s greatest aircraft designers? The Beast™ - a giant-scale biplane with monoplane-like flight characteristics that blurs the line between 3D and precision aerobatic performance, and...[more]

Hangar 9 Piper J-3 Cub 40 ARF


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Scale wing struts constructed from airfoil-shaped aluminum and factory-painted to match the real thing. Scale factory-assembled scale landing gear with simulated bungies and smooth shock absorption that makes touchdowns light as a feather. Genuine Hangar 9® UltraCote®...[more]

Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee


Price : $529.99

The Piper Pawnee was designed and built for agricultural spraying and crop dusting. The wings were cranked to get the spray bars running along the trailing edge as close to the crops as possible. The pilot was given an excellent view from a cockpit placed high on the...[more]