ATJ -120 Ti Turbine

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CODE: ATJ -120 Ti Turbine

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ATJ 120 Ti Turbine

The Mighty ATJ 120 ti Upgraded turbine.




From its good looks to its awe inspiring ability, this is the new Turbine is for you.

Its excellent accelleration to its potent output, this is one turbine that will impress.

A quality hand built turbine from Joseph of ATJ Turbines.


ATJ-12Ti Turbine Enginge Specifications:


 Outer Diameter 110mm;


 Length: 295mm


 1590 grams (including starter)

Nominal thrust @ 250C:

 12.5KG  @      123,000rpm

Idle RPM: 

 33,000 rpm

Idle thrust @ 33, 000:


EGT @ max RPM:


Fuel Consumption:     

 @ max rpm 310gms/min


Jet - A1 or Kerosene + 5% Jet oil (synthetic turbine engine oil) 






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