Behotec 130

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Behotec 130


This powerful engine is tested, certified and equipped with our AS-2 starter-motor with a Bendix clutch. It is ready to run out of the box and comes together with the excellent ProJet ECU which requires only one receiver channel for both, switching and throttling the engine (the use of a separate switch channel is also possible). The ECU is especially adapted to the JB 130’s requirements and allows fast acceleration/deceleration. Only the very highest quality aircraft grade material is used. All hardware parts are made in-house by Behotec except the Festo fittings and tubings. All aluminium surfaces are anodized black or natural silver. This engine can power a 44lbs airplane.

For an excellent reliable turbine you can't go past the Behotec Range of Turbines.

We Repair and service the full range of Behotec Turbines.



The JB130 consists of :

  • JB130 turbine, completed and test run
  • Pro Jet engine control unit ( ECU )
  • Pro Jet ground support unit ( GSU ) for monitoring and programming
  • Pro Jet kerosene & propane valves
  • All necessary connecting cables
  • Pro Jet manuals / handbook
  • Behotec kerosene pump ( type P -8 )
  • Kerosene & propane filters, felt clunk, clunk adapter, glowplug wrench, Tygon tubing, Festo tubings,
  • Onboard gas canister
  • Turbine mounting latches for optional front mounting
  • Behotec TH- 1 turbine holder (Hotspot –style)
  • Behotec turbine handbook/ instruction manuals
  • Test run certification

JB130 Technical Data: 


Diameter: 113 mm

  Length: 315 mm
Weight : 1,500 grams
Max. thrust: 135 N [31 lbs] at 120,000 RPM
Min. thrust: 6.8 N [1.5 lbs] at 35.000 RPM
Fuel consumption at full power:  500 ml/minute
Exhaust gas temperature at full power: 650° Celsius
Fuel :

Kerosene or Jet A 1 mixed with 5% Behotec or Turbine oil.

Optional Diesel or Bio Diesel, depending on quality mixed with Turbine oil