SPMSR3300T Spektrum SR3300T DSM 3CH Rx w/ Telemetry: Surface

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Price: $135.00
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Spektrum’s SR3300T 3-channel DSM® receiver features integrated telemetry that is compatible using Spektrum’s handheld telemetry unit (not included) or telemetry can be displayed on-screen using the Spektrum telemetry-compatible transmitters. Telemetry features include voltage, temperature, rpm and laps (handheld only). The SR3300T is compatible with all Spektrum surface transmitters and operates in DSM mode. Note: The SR3300T receiver does not include the telemetry sensors or rpm sensor mount hardware. Sensors and mount hardware are available separately: SPM1450 Head Temperature Sensor SPM1451 Battery/Motor Temperature Sensor SPM1452 RPM Sensor SPM1512 Telemetry RPM Sticker Sheet SPM1502 Sensor Mount Hardware: .12–.15 SPM1501 Sensor Mount Hardware: .21–.26 SPM1503 Sensor Mount Hardware: Electrics SPM1410 Nitro Sensor Package(3) & Hardware SPM1400 Electric Sensor Package(3) & Hardware