Sebart Sebach 342 50E RC Plane, ARF Yellow/Black

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Aerobatic adventurers take note! The Sebach model plane from Sebart is a truly high performer. Features Designed by Sebastiano Silvestri, Italian aerobatic champion pilot Structure very lightweight Increased durability with all-wood airframe Large control surfaces Special airfoil Excellent thrust-to-weight ratio Crisp control authority irrespective of airspeed or flight conditions For the daring pilot, the Sebach 342 model plane offers incredible performance potential. Designed by Italian pilot, Sebastiano Silvestri; the Sebach replicates a new full-scale airplane. This 50-class, electric model has a lightweight structure and large control surfaces, perfect for aerobatic flight. The Sebach comes with an all-wood airfame and special airfoil. The lift generators on the plane's landing gear give the Sebach superb thrust-to-weight ratio and crisp control authority, irrespective of the airspeed or flight condition. Harriers, torque rolls, blenders and waterfalls are just some of the aerobatics that can be performed by the Sebart Sebach 342. Because it comes almost-ready-to-fly, there are several items you will need to complete the model. Please refer to the "You Will Need" section for more details. If you cannot wait to experience the thrill of this plane, order the Sebach today and get ready for an extraordinary experience.