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With 4 times the resolution of its predecessor, the Aurora 9, the Aurora 9X is sure to become a favorite among the most demanding pilots. It is our first triple protocol radio which allows selection from the G1 and G2 Adaptive Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (AFHSS) or Secure Link (SLT) 2.4GHz technologies. It features dual processors for fast low latency response and ultra-smooth 4096 resolution. With more than 30 additional programming enhancements and new dynamically assignable switches, it is sure to thrill sport and professional level airplane and helicopter pilots alike. Features Built in AFHSS 2.4GHZ / SLTTM Module (Single / Bi-Directional Selectable) 4096 Resolution Improved Latency (Dual Processor 7ms Frame Rate) Vibration Mode Included Touch Screen Stylus Easy-to-Read, Easily Accessible 5.1-inch Wide Backlit LCD Touch Screen (320 x 80 Pixels) Customizable Menu One-Stop Model Type Setting 3 Multi-Tasking Digital Trims Fully Assignable Control Switches, Knobs, Sticks and Digital Trims Ultra-Smooth Quad Ball Bearing Gimbals Full-Size Comfortable Hand Grips (Top Quality Elastomer) Selectable 4 Different Control Stick Modes, Plus 2 Additional Manual Modes (Software) Easy Gimbal Mode Change and Tension Adjustment (Hardware) Power Management System (Adjustable Backlight & Auto Shut-off Time) Digital Trim Nano-Adjuster (200 Adjustable Trim Steps) Standard Programming 9 Assignable Control Channels 3-Model Type Programming (ACRO/GLID/HELI) 30-Model Memory 20 Character Model Naming 8 Flight Conditions with 10 Characters Fail-Safe Channel Function EPA Dual Rate & EXP* Sub-Trim Servo Reverse Servo Speed (up to 25 sec. in each direction)* Servo Monitor (Monitor & Servo Test) 8 Programmable Mixes (5x 2-Point, 3x 7-Point Curves)** Trainer Throttle Lock Advanced Acro Programming 9 Wing Types (6 Main Wings, 3 Flying Wings) 5 Tail Types (3 Main Wings: Normal, V-Tail, Ailevator & 2 Flying Wings: 1 Aileron Servo & 2 Aileron Servos) Quick Model Option Selection (Dual Engine, Retracts Gear, Airbrake, Fuel Mixture) 7-Point Throttle Curve** Throttle Cut Idle Down Fuel Mixture* Airbrake Airbrake-to-Elevator Mix** Aileron-to-Rudder Mix** Snap Roll (4-Way Switching Multi-Direction)** 3x Gyro Sensitivity (AILE/ELEV/RUDD)* Elevator-to-Camber Mix** Rudder-to-Aileron Mix** Aileron Differential* Aileron-to-Flap Mix** Camber Mix** Flap Control* V-Tail** Delta Mix** Ailevator** Advanced Heli Programming 6 Swash Types 90 Type: 1 Servo, 3 Servos, 4 Servos 120 Type: 3 Servos 140 Type: 3 Servos 180 Type: 2 Servos Quick Model Option Selection (Governor, Needle Control, Fuel Mixture) 7-Point Pitch Curve* 7-Point Throttle Curve* Throttle Cut Gyro Sensitivity* Needle Control* Swash-to-Throttle Mix* Rudder-to-Throttle Mix* Fuel Mixture* Throttle Hold*** Swash Mix (Swash Rate/Calibration)*** Revolution Mix* Governor (3 Rates)* * Capable of a Maximum of 24 rates by 8 flight conditions and 3 switch positions ** Capable of a Maximum of 8 Rates by 8 Flight Conditions *** Capable of a Maximum of 3 Rates Using 3-Swicth Positions